St. Philip

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About the Prayer Discipline

St. Philip's Prayer Discipline is a program of the Fellowship of St. John the Divine. The Prayer Discipline exists to provide a daily balanced rule of prayer for those who wish to deepen their spiritual life and to learn to pray as the faithful have done for generations and generations. His Eminence Metropolitan PHILIP gave his blessing for this Discipline years ago. Since that time, a large number of faithful have joined -- from many jurisdictions and far-flung places.

Becoming a member of the Prayer Discipline is simple. After your own serious reflection and prayer; and, if you are already under the guidance of a spiritual Father, with his blessing, contact the Director, Fr. Joseph Huneycutt, at the address provided below.

Every new member is provided with the Discipline's Prayer Manual, which contains the form of prayer for every day and some sound Orthodox teaching. In addition, a spiritual book (which is changed periodically) is included for the member's edification. The Fellowship asks for a $25.00 donation to cover these materials, postage and handling. Please make checks payable to: Fellowship of St. John the Divine.

Send the application and your donation to the Director at:

Fr Joseph Huneycutt
St. Joseph Orthodox Church
10644 Hammerly Blvd.
Houston, TX 77043

St Philip Prayer Discipline, a Pan-Orthodox ministry, is a program of the Fellowship of St John the Divine.